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Welcome to the Interact Labs Wiki

Interact Labs encourages people to be creative with digital technology. Equipped with computers and micro-controllers, drawing machines and 3D printers, Interact Labs provides a space at Phoenix in Leicester dedicated to learning, experimentation, creative collaboration and making new things.

This Wiki is used to document our facilities, share useful resources and present work-in-progress.

What's New?

Gameduino.jpg 26th June 2014

The Gameduino is a games development platform for Arduino. It allows you to create sprite-based games in an 8-bit style. It also allows the Arduino to be used for the creation of simple graphical artworks.

Espruino.jpg 22th June 2014

The Espruino Micro-controller is the latest programmable device to be added to our collection. It is unique in that it runs the easy-to-use, and event-driven, JavaScript language. This makes for a very powerful little device.

Gesturer.jpg 22th June 2014

GestureR is a tiny gesture, distance and light sensor for Arduino and similar micro-controllers. It could be a very useful way of adding proximity sensing to an Arduino project, such as and interactive artwork.

Flashforge-3d-printer.jpg 18th June 2014

We've added more information about the FlashForge 3D Printer that's currently on loan to Leicester Hackspace. This device should not be used without a safety induction.

Pixycam.jpg 18th June 2014

The PixyCam's are up and running. These little cameras contain their own image processor and allow you to add vision to your micro-controller projects.

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